Julia is a wonderous explorer of subtle details who inspires the reader to ignite their imagination and explore their own personal journey. As a travel writer for Bliss Without Bother, Julia offered an expansive view of the beautiful places she visited and the personal transformation of courage and curiosity she experienced.”

Maria Christodoulou

Julia is a writer in every sense of the word: her attention to detail and thoughtful approach to the world indicate the deep insight that every great writer must possess. She’s an excellent and intuitive communicator, and knows how to bridge gaps in understanding and translate esoteric topics for new audiences. Furthermore, Julia is a total delight: she’s positive, creative, and brightens every threshold she crosses.”

Anna MacLachlan

“I remember the first time I met Julia.  Some of life’s moments stick in your memory and for some reason our phone interview was one of them.  Looking back, I believe it was not only because Julia puts her humaneness into every moment in a way that is strikingly intimate, but because she was to go on to become one of my dearest lifelong friends.  

People who can show up to perform professional tasks in a corporate environment without hiding their soulfulness are special.  Julia is one of them. Not only is she a gifted writer and artist, but she brings her love of order and diligence – together with an eye for the creative – to every new project.  Julia finds joy in hard work and will always be a cornerstone of your team.  She excels at the ordinary and the extraordinary, which is a rare gift.”

Deborah Rimmler

“Working with Julia gave me the exact clarity and direction I needed. I was in development on a feature film and was struggling to nail down the essence of the story and main character. Once I handed it over to Julia, she gracefully provided editorial guidance and insight.  Julia’s writing took my story to the next level.  It gave me a whole new perspective and excitement about the project.”

Molly Ratermann