MoxxieMade: Giving Every Woman a Seat at the Table

Feed Your Passion MoxxieMade Event

When you move to New York, connecting with others in a city of 8.6 million can feel daunting.

MoxxieMade wants to change that. Through its curated events, MoxxieMade helps foster meaningful relationships and mentorship so every woman can go after their definition of fulfillment.

I sat down with Founders, Lindsey Salas and Megan Shekleton, to hear their story and how MoxxieMade is making waves.

Interview by Julia Kramer

What is MoxxieMade and what inspired you to start it?

Lindsay: MoxxieMade is a series of New York centric events to encourage women to go after their definition of fulfillment. We founded MoxxieMade a year ago to help create a community that provides support and mentorship.

Megan: We’re both originally from the West coast and when we both moved to New York, it was difficult to find that community – indicative of big cities and big moves.

What is the biggest barrier to building this community in a place like New York?

Megan: Building lasting connections is challenging in any place. 66% of women move to NYC without a community or network. 88% want a mentor but less than half feel like they have one.

What kind of events does MoxxieMade curate?

Lindsey: It’s all in the details. Last June 2018, MoxxieMade hosted Courageous Living including dinner and a panel with thought leaders who discussed the importance of pursuing our wildest dreams and goals.

This April 2019, we hosted Feeding Your Passion, a dinner and panel with food culture experts who shared their stories. Between delicious food and storytelling, the group shared their love for food, professional growth, and cultivating their passions.

What do you hope to achieve at MoxxieMade?

Lindsey: Our approach is different. At MoxxieMade, we encourage a dialogue that integrates the professional, personal, and spiritual. We feel like the path to a fulfilled life is having all these pieces.

You describe MoxxieMade as “a place where women can go after their definition of fulfillment by providing mentorship and fostering real connections.” What is your own definition of fulfillment?

Lindsey: When I dive into a multi-faceted holistic approach to living it helps me pursue a well-centered life.

Megan: There’s always a journey that will be a moving target. When I’m living my fullest expression of myself, I feel the most fulfilled.

How does MoxxieMade go beyond traditional networking? 

Megan: Networking can feel really transactional and forced. You don’t feel like you actually connected.

MoxxieMade’s event formats focuses on fostering connections, including sharing a meal and engaging with our speakers.

You often don’t get a lot of face time with speakers. One of our key values is giving all women a seat at the table.

Lindsey: MoxxieMade is really intentional about the details and touch points. We want people to feel welcome. We curate our panel talks with a diverse mindset to enable open and dynamic dialogue.

What kinds of connections have you witnessed come out of MoxxieMade events?

Lindsey: Bi-weekly, we highlight women on our MoxxieMade social media channels to provide inspirational advice and content. We help facilitate women to connect and offer career opportunities. A MoxxieMade participant who recently lost her job met and, shortly after, was hired as an Executive Assistant through a MoxxieMade connection.

Megan: For our January 2019 event, we highlighted Meg Keayk who creates amazing gluten free, dairy free desserts. Her early stage business was loved and picked up by a MoxxieMade speaker, Lily Tunin of Clean Food Dirty City. Now Meg’s desserts are featured at Clean Market.

What does it mean to you to have moxie?

Megan: It’s one of our values and we want women to walk away with that feeling. For me, having moxie means leaning into the vulnerability to showing up as your most authentic self and pushing past self-limiting beliefs.

Lindsey: Having moxie and being courageous doesn’t mean that you don’t have fears. It just means you’re consciously moving beyond them.

How did your previous experiences help get you to where you are today?

Lindsey: My background is in Public Relations and Megan’s is in Advertising, so our expertise really complimented what we wanted to build with MoxxieMade.

Digital and experiential projects and events along with our passion to connect others laid the foundation for MoxxieMade.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Megan: Feelings are just visitors – let them come and let them go. It’s okay to feel your emotions but remember it’s just temporary.

Lindsey: Always trust your gut. This is something my mom, one of my biggest mentors, tells me.

Lindsey Salas (left) and Megan Shekleton (right)


What is your greatest tip for other women considering starting their own project, organization, and/or movement?

Megan: Just start. I had put off MoxxieMade for so long not knowing how to get started. Once you’re actually started, you’ll feel better.

Lindsey: Don’t forget to celebrate the small things.

Where is impact baked into your mission and where would you like to see it go?

Wherever possible (and almost exclusively), we partner with female-owned companies, brands, chefs, etc. for our MoxxieMade events.

We use our events as a platform to promote impact-aligned causes. For example, during our July event, we highlighted Project Heal’s mission to help all people suffering from eating disorders access full recovery.

When you look back on your legacy, what would you like to be remembered for?

Megan: Having a really kind heart. Whether it’s someone I meet at a coffee shop or it’s my family, husband, or future kids, I try to put kindness into my acts.

Lindsey: Being a kind, authentic person.

What’s next for MoxxieMade?

We are busy amping up programming for late summer/early fall. Our future MoxxieMade events will focus on more direct opportunities for mentorship. Stay tuned!

What are people saying about MoxxieMade?

Private Chef & Wellness Coach, Julia Chebotar, says:

“I love everything that MoxxieMade stands for! Women supporting women and growing together. It’s a girl gang that every woman should be a part of. A community that helps you grow, explore, and find your true calling. They have amazing events and powerful speakers that really help empower the female collective. If you haven’t been to an event yet don’t just walk, but run to the next one!”

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