I design compelling purpose-driven content that connects with and inspires its audience.


New York Writer Editor
Julia Roos Writer

I address positive changes to social challenges through storytelling and journalism. I’m currently leading a project where I develop video content, conduct interviews, and write profiles about purpose-driven women founders.

Shortly after moving to New York, I started The Impact Cohort. Here, my intention is to create an inclusive space for women passionate about social and environmental impact to come together for conversation, action, collaboration, mentorship, and accountability.

I help clients clarify their content marketing needs. I am currently mapping out an innovative approach to engage third party providers to become certified diversity business owners. I helped identify a need with the client in the energy efficiency space and am designing interactive video and training content. The outcome will result in an increase in D&I measures while promoting scalable clean energy business.

I was hired by Oracle to develop engaging content to promote policy and governance across Oracle’s employee culture. As project manager, script writer, and compliance analyst, I lead the concept, wrote the scripts, managed approvals, coordinated production, and rolled out video content company-wide. Within the first month, over 140,000 people viewed my work. I worked closely with Oracle’s General Counsel who was filmed and provided C-suite buy-in to the compliance campaign.

As Marketing Program Manager at One World, I helped organize and facilitate corporate social impact events that fostered an educational and cross-functional ecosystem for impact investors, industry leaders, and social entrepreneurs. I researched and wrote case studies that integrated SDG analysis and supported social impact marketing and comm initiatives company-wide. 

Last year, I helped raise over $21K for our annual fundraiser, as a committee member of San Francisco’s Women4Good group where all proceeds went to a local non-profit that supports women and children survivors of domestic abuse. 

New York Content Strategist